Groups: General, Aristocrat, Combat, Common, Scholarly, Wilderness

Rolling Proficiencies: Heroes will not always roll 1d20 when making a proficiency check. 1d20 is used when chance plays a large part in success or failure. 3d6 offers the same average result but is less vulnerable to chance, it is used when the dm feels random chance will play little part in success or failure. The dm may also require 4d6 or even 5d6 be rolled for significantly difficult tasks. Do not roll a proficiency check without the dm telling you what dice to roll.
Untrained Use: If you want to take an action without the required proficiency the DM may allow you to use another proficiency at a penalty or may allow you to make an ability check with a significant penalty.
Specialties: Grants a +2 to proficiency when using proficiency in a specific manner, -2 penalty in all other uses.

Proficiency Slots Ability Modifier

General Proficiencies

Proficiency Slots Ability Modifier Specialties
Animal Handling 1 Wisdom -1 Specific Animal, Training

Common Proficiencies

Proficiency Slots Ability Modifier
Agriculture 1 Intelligence 0 +2d6 to roll


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